Will Your Financial Strategies Survive in Our Rapidly Changing World? 
Retirement Income planning  
a must read for retirement planning in the 21st century
You will learn how Holistic planning can INCREASE Cash Flow, REDUCE Risks, PRESERVE Assets, IMPROVE Liquidity, and ADD New Retirement Savings for a more enjoyable retirement.
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Financial stress and worry is the last thing you want or need when you are retired
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  • How to go about achieving a tax-free retirement;
  • What you need to have in your financial toolbox;
  • How to approach market volatility in retirement;
  • Understand the strategies to ensure more sustainable and predictable retirement income.​
  • ​How to get more cumulative retirement income.
  • ​Determine if you will have enough money for retirement.
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Lane Martinsen does a great job informing the reader of the current issues facing our generation for retirement. The book is well written, easy to follow, and to the point. I will definitely be making changes to my retirement philosophies on the basis of Lane's Holistic Approach.
- Brett A. Brudvik, Attorney
Brudvik Law Office, P.C.
Mr. Martinsen skillfully explains powerful, complex financial and tax concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. I recommend this book to everyone. The tools presented are sophisticated and robust. However, they are presented in a manner that makes for easy reading, adapted to a level that all can appreciate.
- Curtis Farnsworth, CPA
Farnsworth Company, PLLC 
Lane Martinsen leaves no stone uncovered as he makes a convincing case for a holistic approach to retirement planning. We are venturing forward into a new age of retirement planning and Lane is one of its most important voices. Spend some time with this book and take to heart its vital message. Highly recommended.
- David McKnight, 
Author of The Power of Zero
And If You’re Wondering How Long It Would Take To Get Through This Book, You’ll Be Glad To Know It Can Be Read In Just A Few Hours. This Book Is A Great Reference Tool That You Can Keep Coming Back To As Many Times As You Need To.
So Here’s To Holistically Planning Your Retirement And Enjoying It!
Dear Friends,
How much "Gamma" do you have in your retirement plan? Gamma is the word used to identify "additional" or "increased" retirement income achieved as a direct result of "holistic" retirement planning.
If you are nearing or entering retirement and want to make sure you have a dependable and optimized income plan then this book is a must read. 
Understanding the differences between traditional planning and holistic planning is essential for those approaching retirement age and looking to protect and maximize their income in retirement.
This book is easy to read and will change your perspective and give you new additional insights on a variety of important financial topics. We often see retirement as "the goal" to achieve, but the real goal is to be able to "stay retired".This book is both a wake-up call to the many risks that could deplete your assets prematurely as well as the strategies that can be used to preserve, protect, and increase your retirement income. ​Our world continues to change rapidly and the rules for the baby boomers have changed too..

Our $26 Trillion national debt is growing rapidly and we are on an "unsustainable" course. Taxes are likely to be higher in the future which will have a direct impact on your retirement income. It’s not enough to spend your whole life accumulating assets in "tax deferred" accounts like 401k's and IRA's. What you need is a retirement income plan that will help you figure out how to convert your assets into tax-efficient income you can depend on.

Conventional wisdom steeped in outdated financial advice is still overwhelmingly common in our rapidly changing world.This book will help you through practical examples, personal insights, and analogies and helps to demonstrate how financial value is obtainable by adopting a holistic approach when planning.
The Holistic Retirement Planning Revolution
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 Advanced issues found
    By Lane G. Martinsen
    Book Endorsement from Ed Slott
    - October 21, 2019
    Today, as we are living longer, retirement planning is all about income - because
    savings can run out! This is the number one fear I hear from retirees everywhere.
    The plan in this book is refreshingly different and more applicable to today’s
    retirement realities. This book shows retirees how to generate lifelong income by
    making the most efficient use of your total financial picture, a/k/a Holistic
    Planning. Your money can last as long as you do…and beyond. Consider this
    book a user’s guide to a 21 st century retirement plan.
- Ed Slott, CPA, Retirement Expert
Founder of
Founder of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group SM.
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